Smitten Cosmetics Whipped Mousse Cheeks Illuminator

Smitten Cosmetics Illuminator Whipped Mousse Cheeks


Smitten Cosmetics Illuminator Whipped Mousse Cheeks

Have you ever wondered why models faces seem to light up on the catwalk? This product is your answer…

• Creamy texture
• Luscious ingredients
• Versatile cheeks and eyes
• On trend
• Great gift

It’s because they have a little secret weapon… creamy luscious highlighters. ! If you want supermodel cheekbones and younger dewy looking skin (and let’s face it who doesn’t want that?)… here’s your product. It’s a trick to know for when your skin is a little lack lustre or for that special occasion when you want an ethereal glow! So how can you harness this magic…

As a colour corrector - Apply before your foundation application using a brush or finger tips. Gently pat and blend under the eye area to cover dark circles and on the cheeks for a subtle dewy finish. Remember a little goes a long way.
As a highlighter - Apply after your foundation application using a brush or finger tips. Gently pat and blend onto cheeks bones and brow bones. For that little extra glow apply onto nose tip, cupids bow and chin. You can also use this as an eyeshadow, this product is only limited to your imagination! Use the diagram on the website as a guide.

20ML Tube that will last for months

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