Zuii Organic Gradual Face Lotion

Zuii Organic Gradual Face Lotion


Zuii Organic Gradual Face Lotion

Reveal your natural beauty while adding an organic tint of radiance with our Certified Organic Flora Gradual Tan Face Lotion! By choosing organic, you are on your way to naturally glowing skin!

Our Gradual Tan Face Lotion is the ultimate product that provides such a natural-looking hint of sun-kissed colour to your face that effortlessly deepens with every application. Our beautiful blend of organic ingredients simultaneously delivers a boost of hydration and collagen to your skin which helps eliminate fine lines to leave you with a smooth canvas. The botanical goodness we’ve infused into our product that works its magic to help you achieve real results are Lichen, Moss and Fern Extract as well as Bulbine Leaf Juice, so you’ll be smelling amazing too! Use our Certified Organic Gradual Tan Face Lotion in place of your daily moisturiser to experience healthy and glowing complexion every single day!

Pump a small amount of our moisturising Gradual Tan Face Lotion onto your hands or on Zuii's Applicator Mitt and massage over the face and neck in circular motions. We recommend to wash hands directly after use. This product is colourless, however, contains active tan ingredients which may stain your hands.

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