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The 21-day Trio Clean and Lean Detox program is based on 30 years of research by Dr. Cabot and her medical team.
Dr. Cabot has formulated the Trio Clean and Lean Detox program to take the guess work out of finding products containing exceptional quality ingredients. She has gone to great lengths to source the most effective, high quality ingredients, to bring you the most comprehensive cleansing program that is easy to follow and based on both scientific and naturopathic principles.

The Trio Clean and Lean Program addresses the 3 key areas that are vital to improving wellbeing. It contains organic and strategic ingredients designed to help you achieve vibrant health and transform your life. There are many benefits of following this program including a reduction in bloating, digestive symptoms, headaches, skin problems and fatigue. It also facilitates fat loss because of its cleansing effect on the liver and gut.

People who have kidney or liver failure or diabetes type 1, should discuss this program with their healthcare professional before undertaking this detox. If you have any questions, don't hestitate to call our friendly and professional health advisory team via Customer Service.

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Jodie Cowdrey from WA

Trio brings relief
ooooh 2 years suffering with stomach pain, itchy skin, sore joints and muscles endless trips to the doctors without answers i have now found out i am gluten intolerant tried every lotion and potion and nothing worked the trio finally brought me long awaited relief and an answer. My cholesterol went from a 8 to a 4.3, my hair and nails grew and acne again something i had suffered badly with for 2yrs was all clear. The best part is the food there is no missing out the food is tasty, easy to follow and the family still ask for me to make the meals now and it is so great to have meal ideas i can still use now it does not just change for 21 days but gives me the tools to carry it on making healthy choices for myself and family. The morning sachet taste amazing in fact i miss starting my day with it really felt energized for the day Highly recommend and looking forward to my next one

Posted On Thursday, May 11, 2017
Su Barnes from Cairns Qld Australia

Only day 3 , feeling great. Love the menu planner concept as listed in the booklet, a nice helpful outline that I can juggle with in my split shifts. Many thanks, looking forward to the benefits of day 21 ??

Posted On Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Sue Knox from Melbourne

Just what the Doctor ordered
I have worked shift work for decades and although it is a few years since I stopped that, I have never gotten over the effects of that. Poor sleep, low energy and digestive issues to name a few. I have tried many things to improve my health but nothing has had a particularly great effect. I was 2 days post surgery for foot surgery and facing 2 weeks with a foot stuck in the air. The first thing I noticed was the absence of aches and pains I had been experiencing for a number of months. I had vast amounts of energy to the point where I was not going to sleep until about 2am, but still rising at 7am. My hot flushes stopped on day 4, my head fog cleared and my vision improved. I became more regular and gut pain I had been experiencing has gone. Bloating is a thing of the past, as is a noticeable swelling of my hands and feet in the heat. As I was stuck in bed during this program, I move around very little. I did not notice any change in weight or measurements. Since finishing this program, there are other small issues I am noticing are not here any more - skin irritations and flakey scalp being the main ones. I would recommend everyone do this program - it tastes amazing and it is highly effective.

Posted On Thursday, February 16, 2017
Norma Isobel from Perth Western Australia

Trio 21 day detox.
I started this amazing 21 day detox in January and after 21 days the results were astounding. Being tall slim and middle aged I was some what surprised to loose 3 kilos however I would now like to make the following recommendations. The sachets are the secret to this amazing programme as it's the minerals that define the results with a combination of eating the correct foods that makes this so successful. Alertness vibrant and the energy was a few of the factors that made this very exciting. Recipes were delicious and I now use these on an every day basis. The end result for myself is i feel like a 30 year old instead of turning 70 this year. A detox that I will continue at least twice a year. A special thank you to Sandra Cabot for making this Trio 21 day detox available Xx

Posted On Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Mark Brenton from Bundanoon nsw

" The Gut Buster "
II have 4days to go on the Trio 21 day detox I've never felt so good and so clean , a few mild head aches that was the only side affect . It wasn't hard to change my diet as I ate reasonably healthy but I did eat bread dairy cakes etc . Once you start to feel healthy and full of energy you wouldn't go back to your old ways I certainly won't

Posted On Friday, January 20, 2017