Absolute Organic Napoletana Pasta Sauce 500g


Absolute Organic Napoletana Pasta Sauce 500g

Organic Napoletana Pasta Sauce is a perfect match to your favourite dish. The sauce contains a classic mix of tomatoes, onion, extra virgin olive oil, basil and Italian chilli peppers. All certified organic, our Pasta sauce contains no artificial colours or flavours. One dish will have you craving for another.

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Ainslie - Healthier Options from Perth Western Australia

Mama Mia
I'm a pasta girl! I love my pasta. I remember when growing up, that whenever we went to this little Italian Restaurant and mum and dad asked me what I wanted it was always Spaghetti and Meatballs or spaghetti bolognaise. LOL My partner and I now make Friday night our pasta night and I love it!!! I know that at least once a week I get to eat my favourite pasta - not always meatballs however with this Absolute Organic Napolenta Pasta Sauce I can make some awesome homemade bolognaise or meatballs or fettucine or whatever yummy pasta dish I like. The perfect size jar for two people also. Love my Napolenta Pasta sauce. I'll be sure to stock some more of this in my cupboard.

Posted On Sunday, March 11, 2018