Prosper Deodorant


Prosper Deodorant 100mL - Florentine Gold

Made with Natural Crystal Minerals Salts, kills the bacteria in perspiration that causes body odour, giving 24hr long lasting protection. Made with the benefit of Vanilla, Bergamot & Lime Essential oils for a light fresh tropical scent.

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Kevin Nunn from Perth

Having always searched for a deodorant that is not only safe (no aluminium)to use but also works is a real challenge but this whole range of Fortuna Gold deodorants are amazing to use ,used them through the summer for the first time with no bad body odour . Not to mention how great they are priced.

Posted On Monday, April 24, 2017
Tracey Walker from Perth

Great Results
As a personal trainer I know the importance of aluminium and paraben free products. However, I am constantly on the go training both my clients and myself, which means I need a deo which takes care of odours. I have tried many natural deoderants which have not made the grade, however I was pleasantly surprised and pleased when I tried Prosper. It will be in my bag from now on. I would recommend to anyone who is health conscious.

Posted On Friday, December 16, 2016