The BBB Wellness Pack


The Bare Body Beauty Wellness Pack

We have put together a gorgeous pack of all natural & organic staples that you can gift to any age as well as either gender with some of the BARE | BODY | BEAUTY co beautiful, simple beauty all natural range.

The BBBC wellness pack is only available to Inner Origin Members and is made up of:

400g Organic ginger & cinnamon body scrub: It's Christmas in a bag!
So fresh and fragrant! The ginger & cinnamon get your cells working overtime to move any dormant fatty tissue while scrubbing of the dead skin layer and trapping the moisture in tight! Cinnamon has some amazing health benefits but using it on the skin is just as good! :
Increases the blood flow
Has anti-microbial properties
Increases collagen production
Is a great anti-oxidant
Ginger is also an anti-oxidant 'gingerol':
Fights skin damaging free-radicals, anti-aging, promoting smoothness and even skin tone, anti-inflammatory, may also help with psoriasis and has anti-bacterial properties, being wonderful for acne.
Improves circulation which is the main factor in cellulite fighting products - with no added chemicals! Beautiful to use in the shower or bath! Taking a handful of scrub, wet your skin and scrub in a circular motion all over, avoiding the face. Leave on for a couple of minutes to allow the natural ingredients to do their work, before rinsing well. The gorgeous oils will love your skin, you will not need to moisturise afterwards.

120g Activated charcoal facial cleansing bar:
A gorgeously lathering and highly absorbent detox facial soap bar made with all natural oils.
Activated coconut charcoal has millions of tiny pores that capture, bind, and remove poisons, heavy metals, bacteria and chemicals from your skin. Made with the absolute highest percentage of moisturising fat content possible, while it is cleaning out each pore, it is also offering your skin maximum moisture.
Fresh smelling organic Tea Tree Essential Oil reduces inflammation and soothes. Perfect for blemish-prone skin, oily and combination skin. Hand made in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.

200g flower salt soak DETOX bath soak:
Amazingly gorgeous salt bath soak infused with a delicious flower and salt combination that leaves your skin feeling sooooo good!
Gorgeous pieces of organic dried flower petals float around with the soft lemongrassy fragrance of Organic May Chung Essential Oil while your relaxing - such luxury - skin renewal and rejuvenation.
Benefits of Epsom salts, Celtic sea salt, Himalayan salt. Our bath salts will leave you relaxed and detoxed.
Add an extra touch of luxury to he bath yourself with a tablespoon of coconut oil to moisturize at the same time. Not only are you supporting a small Australian Business but you are gifting an amazing all natural & organic product.

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