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Mobile Safety Aircom Audio Airtube Headset - A3 - Black


Mobile Safety Aircom Audio Airtube Headset - A3 - Black

The Aircom A3 headphones with microphone are an attractive and innovative headset that produces impressive live sounding music while protecting the user from mobile phone radiation when on a call.

Do you enjoy music, video and games on your phone? Aircom’s patented air tubes have been finely tuned to leave an impression. They produce a revolutionary full bodied and natural sound that you feel and hear as if standing live in the recording studio. Regular headsets transfer 3x more radiation into the ear via metal wiring but Aircom Airtubes stop the radiation!

A3 features include click together magnetic ends and double ear fittings for super snug fit when jogging or active.

[ MSA1 ]

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