The Healthful Hub Moringa Organics Superfood Powder 250g


The Healthful Hub Moringa Organics Superfood Powder 250g

Moringa Organics Superfood Powder has a variety of ways to enjoy it, such as adding 1 tablespoon to your favourite blended drink, to create a powerful antioxidant-rich green smoothie.

Naturally refined Moringa superfood powder is full of amino acids, which repair the body’s damage, perfect for after training or for an immunity boost.

Moringa superfood powder contains plant anti inflammatories, which help reduce any internal swelling. All disease is rooted in chronic inflammation in the body. Diabetes and obesity are now linked with chronic inflammation. Eliminate inflammation in the body and disease begins to improve.

Wholly Australian Owned, formed in the Philippines Island straight from the tree.

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Mandy Mason from Busselton, WA

Super WOW
I've been adding Moringa to my morning smoothie for a few months now. The taste is very mild, i would describe it as earthy, and pleasant. I definitely have noticed an improvement in my health in particular my immunity over this winter flu season. And on the odd day that I don't have a smoothie for breakfast I really miss the Moringa!

Posted On Thursday, August 3, 2017