Hemp Hemp Hooray Daily Moisturiser 100g


Hemp Hemp Hooray Daily Moisturiser 100g

Perfect for using under make-up our DAILY MOISTURISER can be used anytime of the day when your skin needs a quick re-hydration.

Pure hemp seed oil, almond oil, shea combine to create our gorgeous daily moisturiser. Pure rose essential oil is suitable for all skin types however especially so for dry, sensitive or ageing skin. While, Patchouli is a very valuable oil for some skin conditions such as eczema, cracked skin or fungal infections. Hydrate and soften the skin while promoting a healthy glow.

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Angela Sciberras from Sydney

Love it from the first moment I used it!
From the moment I first used this moisturiser I knew my skin had found love at first sight! I cannot believe how luxurious, it feels on, how moisturised my skin feels! I have trouble with my skin feeling dry no matter how much moister I put on it, one tiny use and I felt and experience a healthy glow and plump look in my skin! I just love it!

Posted On Thursday, May 17, 2018