Probiotic Solutions Value Cleaning Pack - $99


Probiotic Solutions Value Cleaning Pack - $99

Pack Includes:
- Anytime Anywhere Lavender - Probiotic Solutions
- Mop Me Lavender - Probiotic Solutions
- Room Refresh Lavender - Probiotic Solutions
- Bathroom Bliss Lavender - Probiotic Solutions
- Mirror Mirror Lavender - Probiotic Solutions
- Magic Mud - Zeosoft
- Food Wash & Natural Preservative - CitroLife
- Natural Glass & Window Cleaner - CitroLife
- Natural Multi-Purpose Degreaser - CitroLife

*Probiotic Solutions products may change to Lemon Myrtle when Lavender is out of stock

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AUD 99.00

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Serena McCoy from Brisbane, Australia

So refreshing!
I cleaned my bathroom and ensuite with this range and was so pleased with the results!! Not only did they work well, they smelt fantastic too! I hate cleaning the bathrooms because I am usually left with a horrible heavy feeling in my chest from breathing in the harsh cleaning chemicals even though I always bought the 'green' brands from the supermarkets. The Probiotics Solutions products have an amazing, natural, authentic smell and are a pleasure to clean with. I highly recommend you try them.

Posted On Tuesday, September 19, 2017