Cabot Health Super Food Evolution 500g


Cabot Health Super Food Evolution 500g

SuperFood Evolution is not just an excellent protein powder - it is an excellent Superfood containing 28 different superfoods and greens. It also contains added vitamins and minerals.

Good quality protein maintains muscle mass, reduces hunger and stabilises blood sugar levels. Our protein comes from superior European grown Golden Peas and contains 3 times the protein content of regular pea protein powder.

Benefits of Trio Superfood:

• Increased energy
• Anti-ageing
• Immune strength
• High quality complete vegan protein

Serving Suggestions: Mix 1 scoop (17g) of Superfood Evolution powder into approx. 250ml of water, juice or in your smoothie or milk of choice in the morning (once a day).

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Karen from Perth WA

So much energy!
I used this product with the gut cleanse and repair and I felt amazing. I use it now on a daily basis to keep my energy levels up. Great to put in a smoothie and feels great to know that I am supplying my body with all these great superfoods!

Posted On Sunday, August 20, 2017