SuperFood Evolution Bundle Superfood Evolution 500g +Gut Nourish and Repair Evolution 250g


SuperFood Evolution Bundle Superfood Evolution 500g +Gut Nourish and Repair Evolution 250g

SuperFood Evolution is not just an excellent protein powder - it is an excellent Superfood containing 28 different superfoods and greens. It also contains added vitamins and minerals.

Gut Nourish & Repair Evolution powder has been designed by Dr Sandra Cabot to improve gut health from the stomach to the end of the large intestine. The carefully chosen ingredients soothe and heal the lining of the gut. They also help to eliminate toxins from the gut and reduce leaky gut. The probiotic in this powder helps to balance the gut bacteria and improve gut immunity. Helpful for those with acidity, indigestion, reflux, boating, bowel irregularity, food allergies and sensitivities.

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Melissa P from Adelaide, SA

Can't live without them!
After completing Dr Sandra Cabot's 21 day detox program and having had amazing results including increased energy, vibrant looking skin, loss of inflammation and bloating and losing 4kgs I was waiting in anticipation for these products to become available because I knew how amazing they made me feel. Now I take them every day and am having the same results, people have been commenting on my overall appearance, telling me my skin is glowing and i'm looking very 'well'! I can't live without them and highly recommend the detox program and these follow-on products!

Posted On Thursday, August 3, 2017