Probiotic Solutions Fresh Feet 50ml


Probiotic Solutions Fresh Feet 50ml

Fresh Feet is Probiotic Solutions favourite of all the products.

You have a smelly problem, Fresh Feet will fix it.

Here are 8 things you can deodourise with Fresh Feet aside from your shoes.

Spray It:
in your wheelie bin
in your baby’s dirty nappy
in your cat’s kitty litter / dog’s wee-pad
in your car to get rid of bad smells (inc cigarettes)
into your compost bin
in the port-a-loo (or any of those “portable loos”

Tip It:
down your kitchen drain (actually any drain that’s a bit on nose) over pet or toddler “accidents” kills smell and neutralises any bacteria that may be lurking

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Chloe Palmer from Boddington Australia

Sniff Test
My friend and I recently did the sniff test and found the probiotic fresh feet product to work a treat. No pong!

Posted On Tuesday, July 25, 2017