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Mobile Safety Vest Laptop Radiation Shield


Mobile Safety Vest Laptop Radiation Shield

The Vest Laptop Radiation Shield is a comfortable and portable shield that reduces heat and radiation to your lap area. Laptop computers emit electromagnetic radiation via wi-fi & cellular antennas. Simply place the Laptop Shield on your lap underneath your computer to reduce your electromagnetic exposure by up to 92%.

How does it work?
Vest Laptop Radiation Shield is made of non-grain oriented silicon steel and high conductivity aluminum sheet, reducing radiation by up to 92%. An additional closed-cell polyethylene foam layer provides maximum comfort and heat reduction.

• Reduces radiation by up to 92%
• Maximum comfort and heat reduction
• FCC Certified Laboratories tested and proven
• Lightweight
• A contemporary and organic design
• Eco-friendly recyclable packaging

Package contains:
• 1 Laptop Radiation Shield

[ MSA9 ]

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