Smitten Cosmetics Cream Mineral Powder Foundation 7g


Fitzpatrick Scale

Smitten Cosmetics Cream Mineral Powder Foundation 7g

With exceptional performance and pure ingredients Smitten Mineral Foundations provide a medium to high coverage allowing the skin to breath and without clogging your pores.

15+ Natural Sunscreen
Smitten Foundations are numbered making it easy to remember your colour.

Why Minerals
• Absence of filters such as talc, chemical dyes or binders
• No chemical preservatives
• Additional health benefits for the skin • Water resistant
• Highly resistant to heat, rain and even tears
• Will cover blemishes without clogging pores unlike traditional makeup which can prolong or worsen any redness, dryness and blemishes.
• No bacterial growth hence increased shelf life

• 100% Australian Made
• No nasties or fillers
• More than triple milled ensuring they won’t sit in pores or wrinkles
• Our minerals interact with light and bounces of the skin creates a soft focus effect and can reduce the appearance of ageing
• Pure ingredients and additional skin benefits of zinc

Turn your closed foundation upside down and tap it to loosen some of the product. Take off the lid, open the plastic sifter and swirl that glorious product onto your Buffer brush. No rules up and down, round and round, you cannot get it wrong. Don't forget your decolettage and your neck. For heavier coverage apply multiple thin coats.

Colour Range

Honey 2. If you are fair but not usually the lightest foundation colour then Honey, our number 2 colour, is perfect for you. It has a neutral balance of pink and yellow undertones. If Cait Blanchett, Emma Watson, or Gwen Stefani could steal your foundation then this is your colour. Fitzpatrick Scale 1.

Cappuccino 3. If your skin is a light to medium with a slight pink undertone you have found your match! Angelina Jolie or Naomi Watts could fight over who got to borrow your makeup first. Fitzpatrick Scale 2.

Latte 4. This is a Golden medium colour with warm neutral undertones. If Penelope Cruz or Jamie Lee Curtis wanted to borrow your foundation this is for you. Fitzpatrick Scale 3

Coffee 5. This is a medium tanned colour. . If you love a spray tan then this is a good colour. If Jlo or Kim Kardashian stole your foundation then they could use it. Fitzpatrick scale 3 and 4.

Tan 5. Dark rich tan. If you meet Jennifer Hudson in the bathroom she could borrow your colour. Fitzpatrick Scale 5

8g Round Matte Black Lid

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