SunLove Greens 400g


SunLove Greens 400g

What is SunLove Greens?
This dynamic health powder is made up of over 36 different superfoods which all have grown with the Sun’s Love. They are mainly medicinal herbs and super berries and all of them are there to help you increase your valuable immune system.

What makes SunLove Greens different?
Every single ingredient is 100% Australian Certified Organic. All 36 of them! Compare that to other Greens and you’ll find that only some are certified and others are not even organic.

SunLove Greens have absolutely no fillers and also no cheap ingredients which are used as fillers. Every single herb and berry is powerful beyond belief and is as important as the next one. The Greens are carefully put together to increase your immunity and to remove toxicity. There should be no spikes as there is no sugar but you can expect more energy throughout the day.

It is 100% Vegan, no GM’s, gluten free, soy free, and very VERY alkaline.

Instructions: Have one scoop in some water in the morning. I like the taste to be strong so I do a shot of greens but a full glass of water is good as well. Or - Have a scoop in the morning and one again in the afternoon around 2 or 3 if you feel you could do with a real boost. Or - Have a couple of scoops in a smoothie or a nut-milk Milkshake. Or - Have a SunLove Green smoothie in the morning and a shot of SunLove Greens in the afternoon. Or the other way around. You can have SunLove Greens anytime of the day, anyway you like.

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Tracy Chamberlain  from Melbourne

Love this product! Its part of my daily routine.
This is a must have for every household. Not only does it have 36 certified organic superfoods keeping our body alkaline. You really do feel fantastic after having it. Giving you a energy boost straight away. Dean

Posted On Wednesday, January 1, 2020
Akiko K from WA

Did you have Sunlove, Kids?
This is a great way for kids to start the day! My both kids has Sunlove with squeezed half orange juice and half lemon each to helping alkalised the body. They haven't had a nasty cold for years. If they caught a cold, their body are healthy enough to fix their own without having any medicines. Some people doesn't like the taste of sunlove. once your body turned to Alkalised, You will taste difference. If you don't like this taste, I'll recommend you to take this. because your body need it!

Posted On Friday, November 15, 2019
Karissa from Kalgoorlie

The best!
This is one of my most favourite products, not only does it taste good and is easy to drink, it has loads of benefits to help me get through the day!

Posted On Wednesday, August 22, 2018