August Organics Face Care Oil 15ml


August Organics Face Care Oil 15ml

The only product in the world today that contains organic soy oil as its chief ingredient. Scientific research by both L’Oreal and Johnson & Johnson discovered that natural soy oil is the only topical ingredient that is effective in both protecting skin elastin from damage and even rejuvenating lost elastin content. Elastin is acritical protein in human skin that is responsible for skin elasticity. Youthful skin is high in elastin content whereas mature skin is lower.UV exposure and air pollution further degrade elastin, leading to deep wrinkles and sagging skin. Soy oil’s ability to protect elastin from such damage is truly ground/breaking science.

Organic soy oil is sourced from Australia and blended with a few other natural oils known to be beneficial to skin health and appearance.

Protecting the hidden secret of soy oil (soybean oil) - Elastin to skin with firmness

To keep beautiful and firm skin, it is important to protect elastin which is skin fiber. Elastin decreases with age, causing sagging. So the item you rely on is soy oil (soybean oil) that will prevent the decay of elastin. In addition to it, it is blended luxuriously with it, apart cotton kernel oil which makes good skin condition, apricot kernel oil which prepares skin tone, jojoba oil which makes skin soften, it is used around the world as medical essential oil for more than 2,500 years, It is a single blended beauty oil in the world, using authentic lavender (Organic True Lavender), which is known for preparing luster of skin color and reducing stress. In addition, we adopt an airless container to protect the oil from oxidation.

All ingredients are Australian organic certified. August Organic Face Care Oil is not certifed organic product.

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Ruth from Adelaide

Quite amazing
I was really taken aback by the effectiveness of this oil, now my boyfriend uses it too and we fight over it! Skin feel amazing, and now I use it twice a day. Smells good too!

Posted On Sunday, June 16, 2019
Judy from Sydney

Very surprised and Loving the product.
I didn't expect much from this product but decided at the pop up shop to try it on one hand only. It is amazing and people who I showed could tell me immediately which hand it had treated. I now use it on my face daily and am getting many compliments.

Posted On Sunday, February 10, 2019