Florentine Gold Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub 100ml


Florentine Gold Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub 100ml

Florentine Gold Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub, wonderful for all types of pain relief including Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Gout, Neck and shoulder stiffness, Headaches and Migraines, Pulled and Strained Muscles, Tennis Elbow. Also for relief of some skin conditions including Pimples, Eczema, & Psoriasis.

Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub is an amazing product with so many uses and benefits

Excellent for Sensitive skin
No harmful additives
Contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 and all it’s benefits
Easy absorption
Non greasy
Ozone friendly
Not tested on animals

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Customer Reviews

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Kris from Kalgoorlie

It works
Every now and then my neck gets a little sore sitting and staring at the computer, I rub a little body rub and I'm good to go again!

Posted On Thursday, January 30, 2020
Deb Adam from Invercargill, NZ

Just WOW it works
I got this put on one elbow that I have chronic tennis elbow in...I get it in both from lugging my hefty 2yo about. 24hours later I am still pain free in that elbow, ordering a bottle now...will let you know how other uses go...I have OOS in my arms and some arthritis developing in my fingers! Never thought a lotion would help, just blown away really??

Posted On Sunday, May 12, 2019
Kathryn Baker from Adelaide, South Australia

I recommend this product!
I thoroughly recomend this product as I have had a knee replacement.

Posted On Sunday, May 12, 2019
Mandy Mason from Busselton, WA

So Good
This product has become a staple in my bathroom. I have a bad back and relief is definitely felt after an application, and even better results after a few! My mom uses it as well and raves about it. Love it!!

Posted On Sunday, May 12, 2019
Kevin Nunn from Perth,western Australia

No more aching feet
Love ,Love, Love this product .My aching feet after being at the Grand Opening took a toll on my feet ,after having the ointment rubbed on just one of my feet it was incredible how quick the pain went ,i now rub it into my feet two times a day for amazing relief,i am now a happy walker.

Posted On Sunday, May 12, 2019