Synthesis Organics Replenish Eye Cream


Synthesis Organics Replenish Eye Cream

REPLENISH Eye Cream lightens hyperpigmentation and brightens dark circles.

Boosts circulation to constrict blood vessels and boost collagen and elasticity to prevent and reduce fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Nourish your skin’s delicate eye area, ensuring moisture balance is protected and reducing visible signs of premature aging along with deep and gentle rejuvenation to soothe, brighten and tone the eye area with a synergised blend of carefully selected nutrient rich, cold-pressed and anti-inflammatory oils.

Award Winning treatment and cream in one.

Coffee bean extract powerful anti-inflammatory and deep skin penetrating abilities, constrict blood vessels of the eye area, boosts collagen and elastin reducing puffiness, and increasing circulation to brighten and hydrate

Frankincense recent studies have indicated that Frankincense improves vision when regularly used along the eye contour, also an astringent to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Finger lime caviar an abundance in vitamin C to boost collagen production with natural occurring glycolic acid to significantly lighten hyperpigmentation, dark circles and provide superior hydration

Chamomile potent soothing anti-inflammatory abilities to relieve puffy eyes, dark circles, eczema and broken capillaries

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