Miessence BerryRadical Antioxidant Superfood 105g


Miessence BerryRadical Antioxidant Superfood 105g

Today's fast-food society and nutrient deficient soils make it difficult, if not impossible, to obtain the quality and concentrations of daily nutrients necessary to positively impact our lives.

Nutritionists tell us we are falling short of our daily nutritional needs. We all want simple daily habits to support and assist us in your desire to live a long, happy, active life!

BerryRadical comes to the rescue with a delicious combination of nine of the world's most potent, antioxidant, superfoods.

This tasty, high potency formulation gives you the antioxidant of equivalent eight servings of fruit and vegetables in every teaspoon.

BerryRadical for children
You can start children at any age on our superfoods. Most of our customers tend to start them at the age of 2 years old. Start on just 1/4 of a teaspoon of each superfood and monitor it from there. You can always increase the serving after a few weeks.

Store in a cool, dark place.


What Are Free Radicals And Why Do We Need Antioxidants?
Oxidation occurs when free radicals (highly reactive, high-energy particles) ricochet wildly throughout the body and damage cells. Free radicals can be produced within the body by natural biological processes or introduced from outside via tobacco smoke, toxins, pollutants and sub-optimal eating habits. Free radicals are believed to accelerate the progression of many diseases. Antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables help to neutralise free radicals in our bodies. *1. *2.

What Are ORAC Units And How Many Do We Need?
ORAC, short for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, is a standardised measurement of the total antioxidant power of a substance. Antioxidant power is the ability to neutralise oxygen free radicals. The more free radicals a substance can absorb, the higher it's ORAC score. Nutritionists recommend that we consume the 7 servings of fruits and vegetables of per day to significantly impact antioxidant activity in the body and reduce free radical damage.*1. *2.

Seven servings of fruits or vegetables provides approximately 3500 ORAC units. One 3.5g teaspoon serving of Berry Radical contains over 4000 ORAC units! One 105g tub contains 123,375 ORAC units.

1. Department of Health and Family Services. The Australian guide to healthy eating. Canberra: DHFS, 1998.

2. Cashel K, Jeffreson S. The core food groups. Endorsed by the National Health and Medical Research Council. Canberra: Australian Government Publishing Service, 1995;83.

How to Use
Make a delicious beverage by blending Berry Radical with hot water and your choice of milk. Sweeten to taste. Add to your favourite smoothie recipe to supercharge it!

When to Use
One heaped teaspoon serving one or more times per day. BerryRadical can be enjoyed at any time – but especially whenever you need a pick me up.
Serving Size: 3.5g (1 tsp).
Servings Per Container: 30.

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Milla Simak from Blaxland , NSW

Exceptional product
I am sending deep gratitude to Laura , the person who introduced me to Miessence more than 10 years ago. This is an outstanding product amongst many within Miessence range. Everyone knows the importance of antioxidants in your diet and combined with the great taste and great ORAC score , this is a winner. It is the only drink I have for many years and some herbal teas. Yes , you can enjoy it in your smoothies and many other recipes , but I enjoy it so much as a hot drink with some nut milk of my choice and I don't want the taste to be lost in miriad of other ingredients in a smoothie. I love to have Berry Radical as a pick me up afternoon drink every day, especially when I am at work. Initially , years ago, I put a bit of honey in it as you won't find that drink sweet , it has rather pleasant chocolate taste , but now , I don't need to do that . It is really delicious without it. Can't live without this product and I urge anyone to try it and read more info about benefits and cleanest certified organic ingredients of Berry Radical

Posted On Tuesday, March 24, 2020