Probiotic Solutions Room Refresh Lemon 500ml

Probiotic Solutions Room Refresh Lemon 500ml


Probiotic Solutions Room Refresh Lemon 500ml

My My that’s a fresh smelling room!

With over 15 different strains of bacteria bred to co-exist and support each other, these little guys populate and consume odour causing compounds effectively getting rid of smells and discouraging the stink-making bacteria from returning.

While they’re working, our bespoke blend of essential oils fragance your room so you’ll forget the the fishy / garbagey/stinky-sock smell that had been bothering your only moments earlier.

As we use essential oils rather than chemical fragrance (a much healthier option for you!) the scent lingers long enough to get rid of the bad smell but doesn’t hang around meaning that fragrant bunch of flowers you’ve just bought or muffins you baked will be the stars of the room.

Tip: Spray Room Refresh around your kitty litter.

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