The Clean Skin Vanilla Chai Bath Salts & Scrub

The Clean Skin Vanilla Chai Bath Salts & Scrub


The Clean Skin Vanilla Chai Bath Salts & Scrub

Who knew that removing dead skin cells while soaking could be the way to good health? This enticing 2-in-1 bath salt and scrub combines the best natural vanilla extract, organic rose petals, and exotic spices with our very own South Australian sea salt to provide a sensory experience as you soak and scrub.

Exfoliating with and soaking in sea salt is known to soothe cramping, aches and pains, heal the skin’s surface and reduce stress. The aromatic combination of cinnamon, clove and vanilla simultaneously relaxes and uplifts the spirit.

As a scrub: place a tablespoon size into the palm of your hand and gently exfoliate the entire body.
As a bath salt: dissolve 3-5 tablespoons in your bath. Soak and enjoy!

Sea salt, Cardamon powder, Cinnamon powder, Nutmeg powder, Clove powder, Vanilla Planifora (Natural Vanilla Oleoresin) oil, *Rosa gallica (Rose) petals *Certified Organic

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