Probiotic Solutions Mop Me Lemon 500ml


Probiotic Solutions Mop Me Lemon 500ml

You know those probiotic products that rebalance your stomach?

That same science can be used throughout your home.  Think of Mop Me like yoghurt for your floors.

Millions of friendly bacteria in Probiotic Solutions sort out the bad bacteria on bathroom, kitchen and laundry floors, turning every surface into a happy ecosystem.

And because probiotics are natural living organisms, Mop Me floor cleaner keeps working long after you’ve finished.

Please note!  A little of this product goes a long way – it is highly concentrated,  – you only need 30 ml in a 5 L bucket to make a difference any more may leave your floors looking dull.

Tip: Mop Me can also be used as a concentrate on pots and pans to cut through fats and oils.

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Jennifer Hinds from Gold Coast

Expect the Unexpected!
I seriously did NOT think that this product could possibly get my floors gleaming - but it did! Hat off to you Mop Me :-)

Posted On Tuesday, December 26, 2017
Kelly Maloney from Sydney

Unbelievable Results!
This product is absolutely amazing. My year 6 class had spilt tomato sauce on a white cloth and then hid it from me for a week! The tomato stain had really set in and spread. So I took it home and just poured a capful of Mop Me directly on the stain. This product actually started to eat the stain away!!! I applied a small capful 3 times over the day, by the end of the day the stain had completely vanished, totally eaten!! I have never seen anything like it. I now have a pure white cloth thanks to Mop Me! I will always be adding this amazing product to my order as it can be used for so many things- I even used it to remove hair dye from my face and it did!! I love this chemical free probiotic cleaning solution, it has been an awesome addition to my home!

Posted On Thursday, August 24, 2017
Mary from WA

Mop Me
These products are Phenomenal. My not so clean shower recess is now sparkling thanks to Mop Me. I did spray the lower parts of the walls on consecutive days. The most amazing outcome was that 'they,' the bacteria, even ate the bathroom fluff on the outside of the shower door hinge...over night!!

Posted On Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Angela Sciberras from Sydney Australia

The Most Amazing Product for Carpet Cleaning!
After seeing Tony from Probiotic Solutions present to us the magic and science of these amazing products I went home to get to work on some carpet stains that I had tried absolutely everything on to get rid of it! I sprayed a little Anytime Anywhere, and left it for about half an hour, then I placed a cap of Mop Me into my Bissell Carpet cleaner and ran the machine over this stubborn stain. I was so shocked to see it come right off right away! These products are truly amazing, particularly for those of us with Furry Babies (pets) the stains, smells and odours associated are literal gone with this this range! And to boot its non toxic and safe... Absolutely love these!!!

Posted On Sunday, June 18, 2017