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Nature's Child Bottom Balm 45g


Nature's Child Bottom Balm 45g

When Nappy Rash strikes, most parents recommend Nature’s Child Certified Organic Bottom Balm. This much loved bottom balm lives on nappy change tables all over the world to rave reviews from parents. It is the ultimate in purity and the incredible results speak for themselves.
• Cloth Nappy Friendly
• Disposable Nappy Friendly
• ACO Certified Organic
• Australian Made
• Zero Waste Packaging
• Palm Oil Free
• GMO Free

Suggested Uses for Nature’s Child Bottom Balm
*nappy change time
*cradle cap on newborns
*newborn face pimples or for any skin rash you will also love WONDER BALM

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Sue Shepherd from Queensland

Packaging suggestion
I have a customer who loves this product but has suggested it would be much easier to use if in a flip top tube. She says it is quite a process whilst babys nappy is off, to remove lid, use and replace lid, and this is done while securing rolling baby. Can be very messy and would be much neater in a tube.

Posted On Sunday, November 12, 2017
Belinda from Brisbane, Australia

Fantastic product
I used the bottom balm on my son's sore little bottom and it was amazing. It was easy to apply, and fixed his bottom up better than any other creams had! The best part is that I was confident in the fact that I was putting completely natural ingredients on him and it gave me such peace of mind.

Posted On Sunday, October 15, 2017