Cabot Health Ultimate Superfood 500g


Cabot Health Ultimate Superfood 500g

Our Superfood is designed to give you extra immune support and energy. Add it to your smoothies or drinks, so easy!

Dr Cabot Ultimate Superfood is a quality vegetarian protein powder to be used in water, juice or smoothies. It is 60% by weight pure protein. Packed with vitamins and minerals and 28 Superfoods and greens it is truly a Superfood of excellence. Just compare it to other protein powders and Superfoods - you will be surprised that there is nothing out there as good as this formula.

Our protein comes from superior European grown Golden Peas with 3 times the protein content of regular pea protein powders.

Maintain your protein intake and optimal health and liver function with Dr Cabot’s Ultimate Superfood every day.

The benefits of Dr Cabot Ultimate Superfood:
• Provides potent vegetarian protein
• Boosts energy levels
• Optimises fat burning in the liver
• Strengthens the immune system
• Enhances the removal of toxins

Suitable for those who:
• Have a weak immune system
• Have inflammation in the body
• Lack energy or suffer fatigue
• Want to supplement their diet with a super-nutrient and protein formula
• Are exposed to toxins
• Want anti-ageing benefits
• Have a toxic or fatty liver
• Experience regular stress
• Have frequent headaches or pain
• Want healthy, glowing skin
• Are time poor and need a quick boost

Empty one level scoop into a glass of water, vegetable juice or smoothie and stir well.

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Karissa  from Kalgoorlie

I love this superfood it's my favourite, my skin looks better, I feel better and the taste is very yummy too.

Posted On Monday, March 12, 2018
Karen from Perth WA

So much energy!
I used this product with the gut cleanse and repair and I felt amazing. I use it now on a daily basis to keep my energy levels up. Great to put in a smoothie and feels great to know that I am supplying my body with all these great superfoods!

Posted On Sunday, August 20, 2017