Mobile Safety Radiation Free Laptop Shield


Mobile Safety Radiation Free Laptop Shield

Is Your Laptop Dangerous?

Laptop radiation hazards may be greater than you realize

Usage of Laptops may easily be the greatest source of electromagnetic radiation you’re exposing yourself to, on top of all other sources of radiation in the environment today.

But if you are using a laptop as a computer, you’re facing even greater dangers, especially if you use it directly on your lap.

Recent Studies point out the fact that placing your laptop directly on you, and exposing your body to electromagnetic radiation, is particularly dangerous.

You can probably find on your laptop user’s manual:
"Warning: Do not place on lap" in small print.

In conclusion, researchers determine:
“Laptops are not safe on laps, ironically.”

“When placing a laptop on a table the danger decreases”

ProShield™ Laptop Tray Shield

The ProShield™ Laptop Tray is a laptop radiation shield that reduces harmful Wi Fi radiation to almost NONE. As independent tests made by certified laboratories around the world have proved, The ProShield™ Laptop Tray blocks both Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) as well as Radio Frequency (RF) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) emissions.

One universal size – 14 inch (35cm) length 10.5 inch (26.5cm) height

How does it work?
The ProShield™ Laptop Tray Shield is made of non-grain oriented silicon steel and high conductivity aluminium sheet, minimizing radiation exposure. An additional closed-cell polyethylene foam layer provides maximum comfort and heat reduction.

Just place the ProShield Laptop Tray between your laptop and your body to protect yourself from a broad spectrum of potentially harmful radiation and heat emissions.

Layer 1 - Ultra durable cover
Layer 2 - High resistance alloy
Layer 3 - Ferromagnetic Steel

92% Extremely Low Frequencies Reduction 100mG
92% Radio Frequencies Reduction
100% Heat Emission Reduction
One Universal size 14 inch (35cm) length 10.5 inch (26.5cm) height
Easy to Clean
100% Peace of Mind

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