Fitness Kick Triple Wellness Book Pack


Fitness Kick Triple Wellness Book Pack

Each of the three books has a specific focus but there is plenty of common ground, which provides a smooth transition from one book to the next. ‘Change your Body with the world fittest couple is a detailed guide that addresses many aspects of making healthy choices. Motivation, self-image, a positive attitude, setting goals, creating healthy habits, what to eat, how to get your body alkaline, what makes your body acidic and what to avoid, the benefits of exercise, and an introduction to Matt & Monica’s Fusion Workouts, are all covered. In ‘84 Day Body Challenge Action Manual’, they provide a step-by-step plan of action for putting their nutrition and training concepts into practice. Meal planning, menus and their exercise regimen called Fusion Workouts—High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)—are the main focus. This book also offers personal accountability solutions—daily checklists and training diaries—for documenting progress and keeping up with the program. In the third book, ‘Eat Eat Eat Alkaline Recipe Book’, food charts, easy recipes (100 of them), and an 84-day meal planner are provided

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