Little Innoscents Laundry Softener Eucalyptus & Cherry Coconut 1L


Little Innoscents Laundry Softener Eucalyptus & Cherry Coconut 1L

Our unique Eco Clean & Green Fabric Softener will make the task of washing your household’s clothes so much nicer leaving them soft and fluffy.

Enriched with the goodness of Australian Eucalyptus and Natural Cherry Coconut this laundry Fabric Softener will leave your clothes soft and silky with no nasty chemicals. Our unique blend of ingredients is ideal for those with sensitive skin and formulated for the gentleness of a new born babies soft skin.

The Little Innoscents eco cleaning line offers a better alternative, our mission is to protect our families from chronic diseases by avoiding toxins; you’ll see that it will be worth the effort to avoid the poisons we are readily buying.

Our safe and clean plant based range encourages change leading the way in environmental responsibility and performance. Our products are free from phosphate, ammonia, nitrate and chlorine which pose a risk to safety and environmental hazards.

Our ingredients are carefully selected to be gentle for you and your family, we also love our planet and are conscience to produce products that are rapidly degrading without causing harm designed to help protect the environment which we believe has a huge ripple effect on our lives and the world around us helping to build a community of conscious consumers.

For machine wash
Add 20ml of product to fabric softener dispensing unit at beginning of wash cycle and set to desired cycle. Works well with warm or cold water. Do not pour directly onto clothes.

Safety Instructions:
Do not use on children’s sleepwear or on garments that are labelled flame resistant as flame resistance may be reduced. Store in a cool place.

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Serena from Brisbane, QLD

On the fence...
I was so excited to purchase this product and love the smell of it BUT it hasn't worked the best in my washer. I have a front loader and only put 20ml in like it says but it hasn't been dissolving properly during the wash cycle. There is still product left in the fabric softener compartment after the wash cycle has finished.

Posted On Tuesday, September 19, 2017