Little Innoscents Botanical Dishwashing Liquid 500ml


Little Innoscents Botanical Dishwashing Liquid 500ml

The Little Innoscents Botanical dishwashing detergent is formulated using plant-based ingredients that are eco-friendly, non-toxic and rapidly biodegradable. Our botanical dishwashing liquid removes everyday grime and buildup from your dishes leaving you with a fresh and clean environment with added Aloe Vera and rosewood this gentle formulation wont strip the moisture from your hands.

So enjoy washing your pots and pans, dishes and glassware with the delicious aroma of Rosewood and Sweet Orange. With a highly concentrated grime busting suds formulation that is gentle on your hands and free from SLS and parabens.

A little goes a long way….

Our mission is to protect our families from chronic diseases by avoiding toxins; you’ll see that it will be worth the effort to avoid the poisons we are readily buying.
Our safe and clean plant based range encourages change leading the way in environmental responsibility and performance. Our products are free from phosphate, ammonia, nitrate and chlorine which pose a risk to safety and environmental hazards.

Our ingredients are carefully selected to be gentle for you and your family, we also love our planet and are conscience to produce products that are rapidly degrading without causing harm designed to help protect the environment which we believe has a huge ripple effect on our lives and the world around us helping to build a community of conscious consumers.

Simply pump dispenser 1-2 times onto washing cloth, sponge or scourer and clean away.

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Airlie  from Western Australia

Not just for your dishes
I love this dishwashing liquid. It doesn’t produce many suds but it cleans beautifully, dishes feel sparkly clean and there’s no need to rinse. Can also be used as a hand wash, I have it in dispensers all through the house. Clean, germ-free hands without toxins.

Posted On Sunday, October 20, 2019
Ainslie - Healthier Options from Perth, Western Australia

Grease not gone!
Sadly, this product does not live up to expectations. It does not produce very many suds. I feel I have to use a lot more just to get that and it would be gone in no time. It certainly doesn't give me confidence when cleaning greasing or oily dishes. The water goes flat and stagnant in no time and leaves me wanting to refill the sink and start again. I would therefore go through the bottle in no time flat for the price I pay. Unfortunately not a product I would consider buying again.

Posted On Sunday, March 11, 2018
Ramona from Perth W.A.

Quite disappointed
Although I am passionate about using chemical free and healthy products, I still need them to work. This product does not lather up like other dishwashing liquids. Of itself that would not necessarily be an issue, but this liquid is not effective in breaking down grease on dishes when I washed the utensils from my bone broth, and I was left with a greasy ring around my sink. The $5 Organic Choice brand dishwashing liquid from Woolworths seems far more effective.

Posted On Thursday, November 9, 2017
Snezana Staltari from Success, W. Australia

Not enough bubbles
Need to squirt a lot of the product before satisfied with amount of bubbles and grease-cutting power. So need to use a lot more so less economical. Only really good thing about it is that its better for the environment but not for my dishes.

Posted On Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Marie Nicholls from Adelaide

Has little foam

Posted On Sunday, August 13, 2017