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Sally Joseph Love Your Gut


Sally Joseph Love Your Gut

Love Your Gut is a complete guide to transforming your overall health and losing weight for life, simply through healing your gut. The book offers practical tips and advice on how to improve your overall wellbeing through healthy eating, optimal digestion and a revolutionary 28-day program designed to burn body fat, boost energy, switch off inflammation, improve mood, banish the bloat and clear your skin, simply through overhauling the function of your gut.

In addition to 106 gut friendly recipes and weekly meal plans, Love Your Gut explains ‘The Gut Stuff’ including:

- What is the gut
- Common causes of gut problems
- Inflammation & it’s link to disease
- The gut-brain connection
- How happy is your gut – symptoms to look for
- How to heal your gut

The 28-day Love Your Gut Eating Program outlines:

- 8 essential foods to avoid
- ‘Swap it, don’t drop it’ - Healthy alternatives
- Building a healthy pantry
- Weekly meal plans
- Tips for eating out
- Thoughts on exercise and mind body balance

Recipes are broken down into breakfast, snacks, soups, lunch and dinner, sauces and dressings, nothing naughty treats and delicious teas. Dotted throughout are practical tips and ‘Gut Alerts’ suggesting alternatives to ingredients for sufferers of specific illnesses, such as IBS and FODMAPS advice.

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Sue from Melbourne

Love this book!
This book is such a valuable resource for anyone with a body. The clear, practical advice is essential for everyone. The recipes are simple and so very tasty. A great addition to either your library or your recipe books.

Posted On Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Linda from Sydney, NSW

Love This Book
Very informative book with lots of great tasting "practical" healthy recipes for the whole family. Found the section on POO extremely interesting as its rarely discussed today but can tell us so much about our health. Highly recommended!

Posted On Tuesday, December 5, 2017