White Magic Eco Cloth Kitchen 32 x 32 cm


White Magic Eco Cloth Kitchen 32 x 32 cm

Brilliant at cleaning all surfaces in your kitchen that are used for food preparation and consumption. Made with Coconut Charcoal fibres that inhibit the growth of bacteria so avoiding odour. Great for wiping down benchtops and ktichen tables.

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Alison from Perth, WA

No more smelly dishcloth in the kitchen
What do you do when your kitchen cloth gets smelly? I either bin it or pop it in the wash thinking I can re-use it only to find it has lost it's shape and has gone all fluffy and no longer absorbent. Enter White Magic - I love this cloth, it is just the right size, just the right thickness and because it doesn't harbour bacteria it doesn't smell. To refresh your cloth just rinse in warm water, squeeze and hang so it airs. Once a week pop it in the wash to really freshen in it. PS you will need 2 because you will not want to be without it when it is in the wash AND there is a whole range to choose from.

Posted On Tuesday, April 17, 2018