White Magic Stay Fresh Mat 47 x 30cm


White Magic Stay Fresh Mat 47 x 30cm

The mat preserves the freshness of fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator. Due to its unique structure the mat enables air to circulate under the vegetables and fruit thus maintaining the freshness for a longer time. The mat also serves as an absorbent layer preventing the formation of mould in your refrigerator draw. Made in Belgium from food safe materials.The mat can be cut to size to fit any sized draw. Can be machine washed in a cold water washing machine when dirty.

Size: 47 X 30 cm

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Judy Bettiol from Australia

Stay Fresh
I simply love this product. It keeps all my fresh produce fruit and vegetables fresh as it absorbs all the moisture which in turn keeps the produce fresh. I simply cut the stay fresh mat to size and placed it in the bottom of the compartments. Easy to clean in cold water. Do yourself a favour and put it in your shopping trolley today. I give it a 5 out of 5 tick of approval.

Posted On Monday, October 2, 2017