ProGood Premium Probiotics + Prebiotics 5 + 1 Free Pack


ProGood Premium Probiotics + Prebiotics 5 + 1 Free Pack

The 5 + 1 Free - Sachet Family Pack can be bulk bought for personal use or for use with the whole family. Each box contains 15 dual sachets of ProGood Premium Probiotics + Prebiotics.

Moisture content determines shelf-life so the shelf-stability of the sachets is increased significantly over the jars, which makes it ideal for travelling or sending to overseas destinations where prolonged periods of exposure to room temperature are involved.

ProGood Premium Probiotics + Prebiotics 75g Travel Sachets
One 75g box of 'ProGood Premium Probiotics + Prebiotics
* Contains 15 x 5g dual sachets
* Each half of the dual sachet contain separate ingredients that are required to be combined in cold water, milk or juice
* The recommended 1 dual sachet per day will give a customer 15 days supply
* There is 30 billion good bacteria per sachet + prebiotic boosters

ProGood is not a drug or prescribed medicine.

Health Note:
ProGood cultures contain minute traces of milk proteins, refecting the medium in which they are grown (as do most probiotics on the market today). The levels are insignifcant to all (including those with lactose/casein intolerance) but a small minority of highly sensitive individuals who have an anaphylactic for dairy or pine trees.

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