NAS Cosmetics Oak Mineral Foundation


NAS Cosmetics Oak Mineral Foundation

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Don’t have time to keep reapplying makeup during the day? Active lifestyle? Want your skin to breathe, heal & function naturally? NAS Foundation is for YOU!

From the first moment you brush it on, you’ll notice the incredible silky feel and a polished, natural finish, unlike any other makeup you’ve ever tried! A foundation that can be applied at 6am and still look the same at midnight, NAS Cosmetics really does last all day while allowing your skin to breathe, heal and function naturally and it won’t block pores or cause irritation. Our flawless coverage wears so light and natural that you will forget you actually have makeup on and being water resistant, it will stand up to heat, humidity, and perspiration, no matter how active your lifestyle. Whether you’re at the office or at the gym, our makeup is as high-performance as you are. So, you can relax and enjoy your lifestyle knowing that your NAS Cosmetics makeup will not let you down.

100% luxurious mineral make-up reflect light – like millions of tiny diamond mirrors – to hide fine lines and discolorations. The minerals have a wider colour tolerance than most makeup and your skin will be healthy and will appear radiant and glowing. Unlike traditional cosmetics, which coat the skin with a layer of film, mineral makeup allows your skin to breathe and function naturally.

The names of our foundation are inspired by Earths magnificent timbers

(Fitzpatrick Skin Type II / III)
Named after the deciduous tree native to the Northern hemisphere, NAS Cosmetics’ Oak is a favourite by many. A gorgeous warm Spring time colour offering a subtleness with its’ neutral/yellow undertones. A must for the likes of Cara Delevingne and Rachel Bilson. This colour would suit a “Medium/Light” skin tone that burns easily and tans minimally and would be a ‘Skin Type II’ on the “Fitzpatrick” guide.

Minerals have a wide colour tolerance that will allow you to wear foundations in several different colours.

Additional information
Colour: Aspen, Cypress, Ebony, Kauri, Maple, Oak, Pink Ivory, Sapele, Teak

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