Probiotic Solutions Bathroom Bliss Lemon 5L


Probiotic Solutions Bathroom Bliss Lemon 5L

Take back your bathroom!

Bathroom Bliss is an every day spray for your bathroom surfaces designed to leave them shiny and healthy.

Make up, toothpaste and dirty hands are no match for our little guys who eat up all the oils left behind leaving your basin, taps and mirrors streak and splatter free.

Spray into your shower – on the tiles to keep soap scum and mould at bay (no need to wipe off) you can even spritz your shower screen to keep it looking fresh.

Toilet bowls – what can I say, bye bye nasty stains … again just spray into and around the loo to keep it looking clean and smelling fresh.

If your bathroom is a little stinky – just spritz the product into the air – the essential oils quickly mask the unpleasant odours whilst the bacteria break down the smelly compounds. The great news is, the essential oils don’t linger too long, so your bathroom just smells fresh not “perfumed” (who knows what’s hiding under all those sweet smells!)

And because probiotics are natural living organisms, Bathroom Bliss keeps working long after you’ve finished. It’s the way cleaning was meant to be.

Tip: Make sure your toilet stays fresh and clean. Give it a few sprays of Bathroom Bliss before you leave home.

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Sue Knox from Melbourne

Bliss in the bathroom
I love this product. I found in the spray bottles that it clogs up the sprayer quite readily because of what the bacteria do. Buying like this however mean I can use a small amount in the bottle and refill it as necessary without that problem. Not hard to use - spray it and leave it.

Posted On Wednesday, January 30, 2019