Probiotic Solutions Mop Me Lemon 5L


Probiotic Solutions Mop Me Lemon 5L

You know those probiotic products that rebalance your stomach?

That same science can be used throughout your home. Think of Mop Me like yoghurt for your floors.

Millions of friendly bacteria in Probiotic Solutions sort out the bad bacteria on bathroom, kitchen and laundry floors, turning every surface into a happy ecosystem.

And because probiotics are natural living organisms, Mop Me floor cleaner keeps working long after you’ve finished.

Please note! A little of this product goes a long way – it is highly concentrated, – you only need 30 mls in a 5 L bucket to make a difference any more may leave your floors looking dull.

Tip: Mop Me can also be used as a concentrate on pots and pans to cut through fats and oils.

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Sue Knox from Melbourne

Gotta love a great cleaning product
I love this stuff. Buying in bulk is the only way to go. Lets face it - we all have floors to clean. It smells great, works well and a little goes a long way. I love that I can be adding bacteria into my world in such a great way. Bring on the the good bugs.

Posted On Wednesday, January 30, 2019