Conceiveplease The Fertility Kit


Conceiveplease The Fertility Kit

Australia's first comprehensive pregnancy planning kit developed by experts to empower & support couples wanting to start or extend a family through natural conception. The fertility Kit contains the necessary fertility products & nutritional support to help otimise fertility & pregnancy. The kit comprises a 4 step plan with the following supporting, clinically tested products. Containing his and hers fertility supplements, easy to use medical devices to track and pin point ovulation, fertility calendar to track changes and pregnancy tests to detect an early pregnancy.

In our 1 month ConceivepleaseTM Fertility pack you get:
• 1 month’s supply of the conceivepleaseTM pre-conception and pregnancy vitamins to support healthy female reproduction and supply essential nutrients like folic acid and iodine needed for a growing pregnancy
• 1 month’s supply of the Conceiveplease SpermPlus® for Men Only vitamins, to support healthy male fertility and sperm health.
• 5 ConceivepleaseTM One Step Urine LH ovulation tests to aid in accurately detecting the LH surge and pinpointing ovulation.
• 1 x digital thermometer to measure basal body temperature through the menstrual cycle as an aid in helping pin poin ovulation.
• ConceivepleaseTM “Fertility calendar” to help track the menstrual cycle and pin point the most fertile time.
• 2 ConceivepleaseTM One Step Urine HCG pregnancy tests to detect an early pregnancy.
• The “Getting Pregnant Naturally” Fertility book.
• The Instructional video on how to use the products in the ConceivepleaseTM Fertility Kit.
• The Booklet with written instructions for use.

Conceiveplease contains vitamins, minerals plus information to support and educate women (and men) through the different stages of pregnancy. Conceiveplease supports a woman’s nutritional needs during pre-pregnancy and conception and throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Conceiveplease offers no guarantee that you will conceive and consultation with a medical fertility specialist should be sought after 12 months if conception has not resulted or after 6 months, if either partner is aged over 35. Speak to your Doctor about taking ConceivepleaseTM if you have any pre-existing conditions.

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