Smitten Cosmetics Buffer Brush


Smitten Cosmetics Buffer Brush

Smitten’s Buffer Brush will have you applying your foundation like a makeup artist. Like most things about Smitten makeup we like to break the rules.. there is no corect way of using this brush. That’s right around and around, up and down, side to side.. you cannot get your foundation application ‘wrong’ when you apply it with this brush.

We suggest you place a pea size amount of your foundation onto your brush or the back of your hand and do one side of your face… then do the same and do the otherside of your face.. this is only a suggestion as remember there are no rules! With your mineral foundation turn your Smitten Mineral upside down and tap it to loosen some of the product.. Then open it up, open the plastic sifter and swirl that glorious product onto your brush. Same applies as above... no rules up and down, round and round, you cannot get it wrong. Don't forget your decolettage and your neck. This bush is suitable to use for any foundation application Mineral, Liquid, your Blush and even your primer!

About: Vegan, no animal hair, washed and protected using the finest protectants possible and we guarantee it!

Care: Wash it once a week using a natural hair shampoo, leave in the sun to dry in natures antiseptic – sunshine.

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