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Loving Gift Dancing Dulse Fermented Veggies (Probiotic) 500g


Loving Gift Dancing Dulse Fermented Veggies (Probiotic) 500g

Cultured Fermented Vegetable-Probiotic Food Dancing Dulse are great for you to eat!

Very Alkaline and good for your digestion.

This product is alive and needs to be placed into the fridge once it gets to its new home.

• Raw cultured vegetables help re-establish your Inner ecosystem.
• They improve digestion.They are already pre-digested This means that even before they enter your mouth, the friendly bacteria have already converted the natural sugars and starches In the vegetables Into lactic acid,a job your own saliva and digestive enzymes would do anyway. The enzymes In the cultured vegetables also help digest other foods eaten with them.
• They Increase longevity.You could think of the friendly bacteria in raw cultured vegetables as a little enzyme powerhouse.By eating the vegetables,you will maintain your own enzyme reserve and use it to eliminate toxins,rejuvenate your cells,and strengthen your Immune system – which all adds up to a longer, healthier life.
• They control cravings.Homemade cultured vegetable are ideal for appetite control and thus weight control. The veggies help take away cravings for the sweet things.
• They are ideal for pregnant and nursing women. Pregnant women should eat cultured vegetables to ensure their ecosystems will be rich In friendly bacteria.The vegetables also help alleviate morning sickness during the early part of the pregnancy.
• Raw cultured vegetables are alkaline and very cleansing.They help restore balance if your body is in a toxic,acidic condition.Because they do trigger cleansing, you may have an increase In intestinal gas initially as the vegetables stir up waste and toxins in the intestinal tract. If this is a problem just cut back to a teaspoon per serve.

Add to every meal. Eat on Crackers or toast even put in the center of an avocado and eat like that.!

Keep in the fridge. Also keep covered with water.

These ferments can travel around Australia.! Best is express post.

They have been fermented for about 7 days.

Since having breakages we are now sending the ferments out in stand up pouch’s.

Once received please put into fridge.

Important legal note: Though we are happy to provide products and services which will help you to improve your health and well being, we do not ‘treat’, or aim to ‘cure’ any disease. Under Australian law only a medical doctor may ‘treat’ illness and disease with a medical origin. The information in this web page is for information purposes only.

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