Vitality Value Sample Pack


Vitality Value Sample Pack

Vitality Value Sample Pack includes:
Alannah Browne Organic Coconut Scrub 165g
August Organics Face Care Oil 15ml
Ateronon The Tomato Pill 30 capsules
Ateronon XY Pro
bodhi ORGANIC TEA PuriTEA 35g Box
bodhi ORGANIC TEA ViridiTea 60g Box
d.e.w Matcha & Mint 150g
Florentine Gold Fragrance Free Deodorant 100ml
Florentine Gold Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub 200ml
Intrametica 'Glow from Within' Detox Program Pouches
Jute Bag
Nudus Lipstick 27 Kisses
Nudus Lipstick Viva
Nudus Lipstick Zo zo
Nudus Lipstick Tester Pack
Nuferm Daily Immune Plus 150g
Nuferm Protein and Omegas Plus 150g
SHEER SHEA Bath & Body Oil 200ml
SHEER SHEA Body Butter 100g
SunLove Greens 400g
Synthesis Organics Brighten Vitamin C Serum
Synthesis Organics Rainforest Body Polish with Acai Berry & Coconut 100g
Synthesis Organics Rainforest Hand and Body Lotion
Synthesis Organics Vegan Lip Balm
Synthesis Organics Soothe Cream
Walker Wellbeing Ubiquinol 100
Walker Wellbeing Krill 1000


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