Get Conscious Book by Ali Walker


Get Conscious Book by Ali Walker

In ancient times, most people believed that if you traveled to the horizon, you would fall over the edge. This was a mirage that limited their lives. Today, the mirage that we all live by is the idea that 'I will be happy when ...

I will be happy when I am married!
I will be happy when I leave my job!
I will be happy when I am on holidays!

This belief leads to us overthinking and overanalysing all the ways that we might be happier at some point in the future.

But what if happiness is the wrong aim? What if happiness is like the horizon: an imaginary line that seems real until we start to chase it?

Ali Walker shows that instead of seeking happiness in the future, we can focus on awareness in each moment, training ourselves to generate calming, positive and uplifting thoughts and emotions. Drawing on her research and her work with clients, Get Conscious breaks down the four elements of self-awareness, and provides strategies for mastering them:

- Feel: honour all emotions
- Think: choose only positive thoughts
- Sense: trust the messages of your body
- Act: go with the flow of life and love

Included are case studies, rituals, exercises and activities to help you tune into your inner wisdom and let self-awareness guide you to come alive.

Get Conscious moves us out of overthinking and into awareness. Let it be the transformation of your lifetime.

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