Smitten Cosmetics Mascara Kit


Smitten Cosmetics Mascara Kit

This is a two in one product… you can use the beautiful black gel mascara on it’s own every day without the lash extender! The luxurious jet black formulation contains the highest quality Bees Wax which moisturises and promotes lash growth and it can be removed easily with cotton rounds and water. For luscious 3D volume lashes with a 300% length increase simply add the natural green tea based black extender… Hollywood Eyes!

Step One: Apply black gel mascara to clean lashes top & bottom, ensuring every lash has been coated.

Step 2: Apply a coat of the natural fibres to your upper lashes over the gel mascara.

Step 3: Apply a second generous coat of the gel mascara over the top of the fibres. This is very important because it seals the fibres to the lashes hence no fall out.

• 300% longer and 3D volume
• Multi purpose
• Water resistant
• Long lasting
• Suitable for sensitive eyes
• Cruelty Free
• Stimulates Lash growth

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