The Raise Scholar Program


The Raise Scholar Program

The Raise Scholar Program Information

The dawn of the Information Age has brought with it a unique set of challenges which require a new set of skills. The acquisition of these skills for young people is vital if they are to differentiate themselves in what is one of the most competitive times in history. In the Raiser Scholar Program, we prepare teenagers for the challenges of the 21stCentury by helping them:

1. Become focuses and goal-orientated
2. Improve their self-esteem and self-confidence
3. Make healthy life choices that protects their future
4. Improve their Critical thinking skills
5. Enhance their ability to Communicate, and
6. Learn how to use technology to create opportunities.

At the same time we motivate and inspire our students to realise their potential by engaging and challenging them with practical life-changing exercises.

Who is the Program for:

1- Teenagers aged 13 – 18 years
2- Teens looking to improve their academic performance
3- Teens who might have low self-esteem
4- Teens who may be lacking motivation and direction
5- Students interested in being change-makers

What do you get:

1- 15 Life-Changing modules
2- Unlimited Email Support
3- Videos + Tutorial Guides + Podcasts
4- Weekly motivational messages
5- Access to monthly webinars
6- A comprehensive Career Plan
7- Nutrition and Exercise Plan
8- Essay writing tools and templates
9- CV Builders
10- Time management system, and much, much more…

What Changes will you Notice in Your Teenager:

1- Your teenager will be inspired, focused and have direction
2- Their academic performance will be improved
3- Their self-esteem and self-confidence will grow
4- They will become more emotionally intelligent
5- They will develop 21st Century skills that will set them apart…

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