True Voice Global Mastering Mindfulness


True Voice Global Mastering Mindfulness

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Over 70 mins Mastering Mindfulness (Guided Meditation) contains 5 tracks. It is the work and compilation of thousands of work with clients one on one and groups by Anikiko, specialised kinesiologist, to the calming background of her “Music Nutrition” series.

The background music itself uses the calming soothing power of the human voice and brainwave technology to access deeper states, intentions related to each track, scalar holographic ‘tones’, crystal singing bowls, binaural rhythms, entrainment, solfeggio tuning forks and the melodies and resonance of Anikiko’s voice initiate the space for harmony and healing at the deepest level of your being.

All of the music soundtracks use embedded frequencies for brain entertainment. They also apply ancient solfeggio tones and harmonics in the human voice which enhance the message, power and your body’s ability to be mindfully alert to be able to adapt and interact with the people around you and your environment.

Mastering Mindfulness – Guided Meditation
1 Introduction To Mindfulness 12.46
2 Awareness of Breath 13.26
3 Mindfulness of Emotions 20.36
4 Mindfulness of Your Body 19.02
5 R.E.A.L Mindfulness 7.35
6. About Anikiko 1.37

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