True Voice Global Activate and Accelerate 30


True Voice Global Activate and Accelerate 30

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Activate and Accelerate 30 with Sydney Kinesiology

Imagine what kind of future you would create if your brain, energy and body were performing at peak states, you were in alignment and vibrantly alive? What would you choose and magnetise if you had the freedom to do so because your unconscious blocks, old habits and outdated beliefs or systems were upgraded?

We are so excited to exclusively offer innerorigin our Activate and Accelerate 30 day package which is guaranteed to get you results in your personal and business success.
This is an all-inclusive package of weekly one to one time with expert kinesiologists. Sydney Kinesiology's director Anikiko has alone over 12,000 sessions under wing along and together with her team Angela and Ann (yes they are the A-team) deliver first rate sessions and support to shift through ANY block around stress, weight loss, anxiety, energy disorders, business success and of course intimate relationship fulfilment. We focus on results and tracking changes which by the way will be hard not to notice.

What you get:
- Your strategy and navigation session ($497)
- Weekly 1:1 sessions in person or on Skype with first class kinesiologist ($1100)
- Audio book and book - "Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Trying To Heal" ($47)
- Audiobook "Upgrade, Uplift & Upscale Health and Wealth" ($97)
- 1 x Music Nutrition Sounds Of Solace Transformation CD of 15, 30 and 70 min durations. (value $69)
- Up to 4 Follow up calls and access to our Evolve and Enliven Backstage Members Area where you have access to more transformational videos and audio. ($997)
- Plus FREE access to our Private Evolve and Enliven Leaders Group ($147)

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Sydney Kinesiology is Sydney based company within the True Voice Global organisation delivering global service online, one to one, one to groups, organisations and companies powerful sessions that transform personal health, professional development and transform relationships.
We believe you need to THRIVE in order to SURVIVE in this economy.

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Deborah from Perth

Such incredible shifts in energy!
I've just finished my Activate and Accelerate 30 day program with Ann, and it was nothing short of incredible. Each week she helped me identify old patterns and downloads that were running my life. Some NLP, tapping, and whatever modalities were called for as the patterns arose. I am talking major shifts each week, going deeper and deeper. I highly recommend this coaching if you are feeling stuck or disempowered in any way. You don't even need to know what the issues are for you, the kinesiologists at True Voice Global bring whatever is relevant to the surface to be worked through. I really have good clarity now as to my own power, and new tools to self test moving forward. 100% money well spent! I am super grateful, ...thanks so much Ann :-)

Posted On Thursday, July 26, 2018
Mary from Western Australia

Having just completed my discovery session with Anikiko I am in awe of the depth and breath we covered. The accuracy and new insights were awesome. In one session my energy levels improved. I am so looking forward to my 30 day program with Angela.

Posted On Friday, June 29, 2018