Starter Sampler Pack - Intrametica 'Glow From Within' Detox Program


Starter Sampler Pack - Intrametica 'Glow From Within' Detox Program

Discover the inner you and transform your body with Intrametica's Super Maintenance bundle! Use this to maintain the effects following your 21 Day Detox program.

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This amazing pack includes:
• Collagen Ultimate Plus Pouch 150g
• Toned Protein Boost Pouch 400g
• Purify Body Cleanse Pouch 180g

Dosage Directions:
Collagen Ultimate + : (2 & ½ flat teaspoons a day) 1 1/4 teaspoon twice daily after food.
Purify Body Cleanse: (2 & 3/4 flat teaspoons a day) 1 1/4 teaspoon after breakfast and 1 1/2 teaspoon after dinner
Toned Protein Boost: (2 flat tablespoons a day) Once daily in your smoothie or in water

Collagen Ultimate Plus

If you want a seriously powerful skin rejuvenation, supplement formulated with evidence based ingredients, our Collagen Ultimate + is for you. Within 8 weeks you will see a reduction in wrinkles, fuller and plumper skin, tighter pores plus you’ll feel great too. It provides 24 hour internal anti-ageing nourishment for the deeper layers of the skin to help keep it healthy, naturally youthful and glowing.

Toned Protein Boost
Unlike any other protein powder on the market. You can supercharge your routine, enhance your diet and curb your cravings with Toned Protein Boost. Designed as a daily smoothie enhancer, it has the power to transform both your skin and metabolism from within.

Purify Body Cleanse
A superfood supplement for everyday use that works to improve various aspects of your health. This unique formulation contains clinically proven bioactive botanicals that support liver and gut detoxification as well as gut healing, gentle elimination via the bowel, and blood purification to support clear, radiant skin from within.

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Samantha McBride  from NZ

Lost weight & glowing from within
I have had very stubborn, non-shifting weight for the last 18 months and along comes Intrametica – I’ve finally lost weight and I'm glowing from within! I use the protein powder in breakfasts a couple of times a week and am keeping on with the purify body cleanse most days. The weight is still coming off!

Posted On Monday, April 29, 2019
Barbara Cafagna from WA

I feel more energised & glowing!
I have more energy, I don’t have the “3 o’clock get me chocolate NOW” feeling. I’ve had so many people asking me what I’ve been doing differently because I’m glowing. The product blends beautifully just in water and taste great. Gotta love that! I believe in nourishing my body with the best ingredients and I know I’m doing that with Intrametica.

Posted On Monday, April 29, 2019
Ruth Stanton  from WA

Very happy customer!
My own experience after taking the Collagen Ultimate Plus for 3 months is that my nails are a lot thicker and my hair is thick and much curlier than before, which is great because I've also wanted curly hair! My main reason for taking this Collagen as a supplement was my intrigue as to what effects it would have on my body - as a yoga teacher in my mid 40's, in the last few years I've noticed more recovery aching in my body after teaching up to 3 classes a day, and I've been bathing in magnesium, to counter-effect the muscle aches. Since taking the collagen I have no need for the magnesium baths now. I feel more fluid on the inside, like my joints, muscles and connective tissue have more "flow" to them. Very happy customer!

Posted On Monday, April 29, 2019
Karissa and Tony from Kalgoorlie WA

We are achieving great results so far on this detox, love the smell, taste and supporting Angela with this awesome Aussie made detox and organic products!!

Posted On Sunday, September 16, 2018