The Intrametica Full Collection Filled Miron


The Intrametica Full Collection Filled Miron

This amazing pack includes:
Collagen Ultimate Plus Pouch 150g
Collagen Ultimate Plus Travel Pack
Collagen Ultimate Plus Full Preserving Caddy
Toned Protein Boost Pouch 400g
Toned Protein Boost Travel Pack
Toned Protein Boost Full Preserving Caddy
Purify Body Cleanse Pouch 180g
Purify Body Cleanse Travel Pack
Purify Body Cleanse Full Preserving Caddy

How to take:
During the Glow from Within 21-Day Detoxification Program you will be having the added benefit of these three supplements. Each product will last you the 21 days.

Intrametica dosage recommendations:

Collagen Ultimate Plus
7g a day (approx. 2 flat metric teaspoons)

Purify Body Cleanse
8.6g a day (approx. 2 flat metric teaspoons)

Toned Protein Boost
19g a day (approx. 2 metric tablespoons)

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