Synthesis Organics Ocean Glow Body Salts 200g


Synthesis Organics Ocean Glow Body Salts 200g

Bringing the natural skin healing wonders from the beach to your bathroom to exfoliate, regenerate and revitalise skin. With superfine sea salt and pumice stone deep pore cleanses and sheds dead skin cells. With kelp and peppermint stimulating blood circulation to oxygenate skin cells and boost cell turnover for a strong radiant skin.


As Exfoliant: Sprinkle onto damp skin or after applying a Synthesis Body Oil and patting dry. Follow with Synthesis Hand and Body Lotion.
As Bath Salts: Blend with a warm bath water, sink in and surrender.

Recommended for all skin types.

Ocean Glow Body Salts key ingredient benefits:

Australian Sea Salt super fine to avoid tearing of skin. Rich in minerals to cleanse, detoxify and exfoliate deep in the skins pores to remove dead skin cells, impurities and toxins. Helps prevent TEWL benefiting eczema and psoriasis skins. Relieves pain from arthritis and muscle pains.

Kelp Infused Oil hydrates, stimulates and revitalises skin due to iodine and sulphur amino acid content. Contains silicon assists in renewing tissue healing wounds. Rich in chlorophyll increasing red blood cells to strengthen skin tissue, increases blood circulation to boost skins cell turnover and helps prevent TEWL keeping skin moisturised, hydrated for a smooth and glowing complexion.

Organic Peppermint Oil powerful cooling and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin relieving inflamed, irritated skins such as sensitive, eczema, acne and rosacea skins. Stimulates blood circulation helping to oxygenate organs and skin tissue. Rejuvenates and freshens the mind and uplifts energy to open the heart and mind.

Pumice Stone Superfine produced by volcanoes, a naturally occurring stone composed of essential minerals such as silicon and magnesium for healthy, radiant skin. Good for areas of hard skin such as the feet and elbows to remove dead skin cells.

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