Zuii Organic Vegan Mascara


Zuii Organic Vegan Mascara

Achieve an alluring and voluminous lash-look all while enhancing the health of your lashes with our Certified Organic Vegan Flora Mascara.

Delivering a featherweight touch and offering a professional, smudge-proof performance, this product is a staple must-have for your green and clean beauty kit! Our mascara is blended with pure Nettle Leaf and Horsetail extracts which protects your eyes and promotes lash growth. Enriched with the combination of Rose oil, Palmarosa oil, and Orange oil, your lashes will naturally be boosted in length and volume while being conditioned and revitalised. Our Vegan Flora Mascara coats each lash in the cleanest ingredients, making it incredibly safe and suitable for all, and especially those with sensitive eyes. This product is all you need in a mascara - absolutely glamourous and honestly real!

Applying the Mascara:
Ensure your lashes are free of any oils and moisture. Apply an even coat of mascara to your eyes, starting from the root to the tip of the lashes. Apply a second coat until you achieve your desired look and allow sufficient drying time.

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