Synthesis Organics Chakra Balance Roll on


Synthesis Organics Chakra Balance Roll on

An aromatic, energy imbued™ synergy of 20 Pure and Certified Organic* Chakra Balance Essential Oils.

Chakras absorb and filter the energy we give and receive from our interactions with the world. They can become imbalanced through stress, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, exposure to toxicity, stagnation or a myriad of internal and external factors. An imbalance can result in disturbing physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms.

By regularly restoring Chakras to a balanced state we contribute significantly to our overall wellbeing. Chakras are key energy centres interconnecting our physical and spiritual bodies. Synthesis Chakra balance takes you on a restorative journey, from which you emerge with a greater connection to your inner wisdom.

Used in our Signature Spa Chakra Balancing Treatment and now available for you to carry with you to enjoy a mini Chakra Balance whenever you need it.

To use: Roll oil onto ‘pulse points’ (e.g. palms, wrists, heart chakra, third eye, ankles) and breath deeply.

This blend is also available as a concentrate – 100% Pure Certified Organic Essential Oil Blend – you can diffuse through your space.

[ SYN40 ]

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